sWell (shakewell) wrote,

money, money, MONEY

you'd think, after dropping a 5K bomb on (that broke-ass nigga named) chauncey yesterday, my compulsive desire to spend money i don't even have would be sated. however, after my two-hour excursion to wal*mart today (where i went to get air freshener and cat litter), you'd apparently be wrong.

whatever. i got some cute bras and much needed panties.

oh. snap! i'm gonna silk screen a pair of those panties "analog pussy." too bad i don't even sort of have a half-assed boyfriend to show them too. guess i'll just have to go fuck some djs instead. christ.

as for (that broke-ass nigga named) chauncey, i'm just going to say that i love him and i really don't give a good god damn what you've heard about jeeps or cherokees or used cars even (especially if the only set of wheels you currently own can be inflated with a bicycle pump). i really can't believe anyone would have shit to spray about me getting ANY car that isn't a fucking geo metro, but apparently everyone has got to run their mouths and rain on my glorious parade. get fucked, jerks.

so, as luck would have it, i'm off early on monday and off altogether on tuesday, so i will most definitely be headed to talbott street to, you know, support the scene and make a name for myself. also, to get drunk and fuck any dj that will have me.

i'm sorry. i really can't help it. it's just so ridiculous. and, actually, i'm sorry that you find it offensive, not sorry that i do it.

apparently, i've found someone to buy not just one, but BOTH of my metros (metroes?). this weeks is super-fabulous supreme.

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