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indy pendants

today, while i was in the bathroom at work, (i feel sorry for you freaks who can't use (semi-)public restrooms, because i fucking love shitting on the clock!) i remembered how, when i was younger, i got such a kick out of leaving empty stalls locked. i have no idea why that amused me at all, or even why i did it in the first place, but it gave me great joy. just thinking about it now makes me smile.

i also used to turn every other hanger backwards in clothing stores and face products backwards or upside down in grocery stores. as if we needed any more confirmation that i was (and still am) a damn weird kid. meh.

living downtown is great because everything in this sprawling city is within about ten miles of my apartment. living downtown is lame because nearly everything that draws large crowds (and thence heavy traffic volume) is within one mile of my apartment. at least the few straggling fireworks gave me a little entertainment.

one other thing that sucks is knowing that, even if you fell asleep the instant you clocked out at work and woke up just in time to clock in the next morning, you still couldn't get eight hours of sleep. *yawn*

i thought i found a car to buy tomorrow, but now i think i didn't. i'm utterly disappointed. fuckles.

i heard "man on the run" on the car radio. i absolutely love the introduction part. i totally hate everything after it. songs like that make me so angry.
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