sWell (shakewell) wrote,

i wear my sunglasses at night

my dreams have been so intense these last few days. mostly, that means highly memorable, yet completely odd adventure dreams. tonight, it was nightmares. the first night it was cold sweats and hyperventilation. it's just weird. what i wouldn't give for a decent night's sleep once in a while.

speaking of not sleeping, i'm going out to the vapor lounge thursday night, even though i have to work friday morning at 5:30. i don't know if i do any drinking, but i'm still going to pull up a groove and get fabulous all night long.

i started the second round of summer school today. i'm really, really excited about my education class, though, less so about my classmates whom i will be forced to "discuss" with. meh.

i found another car that i could buy, but my purchase of it is contingent upon the current owner finding a new set of wheels. (she's trying to get out from under her payments (which are incredibly cheap!).) i'd never before in my life heard of a suzuki forenza, but--fuck it--anything beats a broken down metro.

i saw the war of the worlds advanced screening with eli, menlie and grant_steele on monday night. for future reference, show up early to those events. we got stuck in the front row (they even tried to put us off to the side). i find it hard to believe anyone can enjoy watching a movie from that short distance and angle. maybe that's the trick; they want you to like it enough to come back to see it a second time hoping for a better seat. anyway, i lucked out into getting the upper-east side, middle-aged housewife commentary with my particular viewing. eli and i must have given hear at least ten distinct "shut the fuck up" looks, but she didn't get it at all. finally, after she completely ruinded the suspense of the movie by explaining which characters did and didn't survive until the end, i switched seats. i guess, after that, eli actually did tell her to shut the fuck up. christ.

i probably won't go see that movie again. i wasn't all that impressed. and i still pretty much hate everything about tom cruise. and i was disappointed that the actor playing his son wasn't all that cute at all. i'll give it to that little girl, though, she's got that big-eyed, scared look down pat.

it's taking every single micron of self-control i have not to buy more records. god! how i want to, though...

eli's building me a new bed frame with the help of kris chambers. i'm very excited about this. it's based off of this design. (don't ask me how i ended up with a catalog from pottery barn teen, but i did.) it's funny that i should finally get around to getting some functional storage space after i finally got rid of all the junk i've been collecting over the years. heh.

i need to talk about the pledge of allegiance sometime. don't let me forget.

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