sWell (shakewell) wrote,

good mourning vietnam

i screamed out in my sleep this morning. ("then why don't you show me how to fucking do it then?!") i can't sleep more than two hours at a time, but i still dream like a madman and remember it all.

saturday night will be my ipwib birthday party. all are welcome. we're going out to howl at the moon or some other bar downtown if it's too crowded there. give me a ring-a-ding or drop me a line if you're interested and i'll give you all the details.

went for a bike ride with my brother last night. good times. we've got a mischievous adventure lined up for our next ride. i can't wait!

i'm donating neo geo to goodwill unless anyone here is interested in throwing a few bucks my way for it.

i guess i'm driving to edinburgh this afternoon. whee...

my new classes start next wednesday. i am bored by geology already. thank god i don't have to attend any lectures for that class!

well, back to bed.
Tags: bikes, birthday, dreams

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