sWell (shakewell) wrote,

good job being born

so my birthday turned out to be a lot more fun than i expected it to be. i did have to work that day, but they let me go home early. so i came back to the apartment, got cleaned up and got me sleep on. i missed a call and a visit from menlie and grant_steele, who were going to take me to a bonfire, but kradams took me out with her boyfriend, andy, to another bonfire. it turns out this party was not the raging kegger it was hyped up to be, but was instead a high school graduation celebration. we rounded up andy's friends and, after much convincing and motivating, kradams and i got them all to head up to geist for the other bonfire.

the party was still kicking when we got there, but the rain rolled in right behind us. still, it was fun. two people freestyled their own personal versions of "happy birthday" to me and i totally loved it. also, i had to wrestle my last sparks away from some douche so i could trade it for an even better intoxicant. (mostly) free drugs on your birthday is so sweet.

as things chilled out, we decided to go back to andy's friend wes' house so the boys could make beats or something. kradams and i played ridiculous ATV playstation games and laughed our asses off. kradams had some volunteering to do on sunday, so i rode back to her place to get my car and go home. sa i walked up to her front door, i realized i'd left my keys in andy's car. so, i had to drive kradams's car back to wes' to get my keys and then i had to go all the way back up to kradams's apartment to get my car. i realized at this point, sleep was not in my immediate future. so, i drove my car back to wes' and observed the antics of the boys for a while longer.

stewbot came to see me sunday morning and i bailed on lunch with the family. thanks to this bitchin' insomnia, i didn't really sleep the whole time, but i did stay in bed until i had to work on monday morning.

all in all, i had a great time. in hindsight, i probably should have put a cap on the number of different kinds of drugs i would do in one night, but i seem to have survived without much ill effect. surprisingly, it was the drug i did the least amount of that had the most drastic and lasting effect on me.

anyway, i got a ton of text messages. thank you all for sending them (even the belated ones)!

twenty-three seems old to me, but nothing much has changed. i guess, perhaps, it's the routine that's getting old, not me. time seems to be flying this year between school and work and the friends in between. if things get anymore hectic, i'm not sure i'll remember another day in my life.

i dreamed about howl at the moon last night. amongst a myriad of other odd bits, the strangest thing was that they were playing mozart's last (only?) requiem.
Tags: adderall, birthday, dreams, grant_steele, kradams, menlie, mushrooms, stewbot
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