sWell (shakewell) wrote,

physically fit, physically fit, physically, physically, physically fit

i saw madagascar this weekend. even though i really don't like ben stiller and david schwimmer, i still thought it was an excellent flick. also, it's further proof that there's some bizarre robot dancing phenomenon lurking in american pop culture.

while in bloomington yesterday, i shopped for a purse to take to the wedding. then, since i couldn't find a purse to go with the shoes i planned to wear, i also looked for shoes. i think i must just really hate purses because i couldn't find a single thing i would want to carry at all. i guess i'm going to give it another go this afternoon. maybe i'll do it up like carrie from sex and the city and just get some bizarre shoes and an even more bizarre purse and call it fashion. fuck it.

my tan is absolute perfection.

i tried cold stone creamery for the first time yesterday. some of you may be aware of my deep, deep love for ritter's frozen custard, but, let me tell you, that pales in comparisson to my new found love for cake battertm ice cream. good god, man. i insist that you all sample this deliscious flavor at your earliest opportunity. also, if you decide to purchase a treat, be sure to tip your server!
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