sWell (shakewell) wrote,

doctor, doctor, give me the news

my doctor's office called with a referral today. only, it wasn't just a referral. they'd already scheduled the appointment. of course, today was also the day that my new (three-week) work schedule came out. as (my) luck would have it, they schedule the appointment for a day that i work in a week where the only person i could switch with shares her other days off with me--meaning i can't actually switch with her.

so, the next available appointment is in three weeks and i am left to all my wanton worries in the meantime. ugh.


jo3 is moving out of lockefield this weekend and i find it odd to consider the great possibility that i shall never, ever, see him again. either one or the both of us have managed to alienate all our once common friends and, as was clear last weekend, we seem to have alienated one another as well. it feels like the end of an era, liberating but painfully nostalgic too.


next weekend, i'll be attending a wedding in madison with stewbot. he'll don a tuxedo and i'll be sporting my fuckaliscious new heels, dress and tan. i have the whole weekend off and i'm entirely too excited about it.


subway is abandoning their sub club cards this year. jerks. it's not like they ever give me my stamps anyway.
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