sWell (shakewell) wrote,

pukatronic beat bionic

summer party mode is in full effect again here at lockefield gardens. friends of the jerks next door kept me up for hours last night as they sat out in the hallway and drunkenly bitched about being too drunk and locked out of the apartment. awesome.

work is still going better and better everyday. and there's always a patient to tell me i'm doing well. i love it. it's crazy to be good at something you never even thought you could do in the first place.

went bowling with eli, kradams, stewbot, menlie and her friends amy, ellen and ... sarah? a couple more of their guy friends showed up into the third game. it was a real blast. i'm hoping to institute a "league" bowling night for everyone so we can get together a couple times a month or something. it's cheap fun and there's cheap booze around if you want it too. good times.

crashed jo3's moving out party friday night on the recommendation of kradams, menlie and hypnotique. wasn't much of a party really, but i certainly did crash it. quite a train wreck. i hate having that effect on people. and it's not even anything i do. just my presence alone is enough to derail people's normal, civil personalities. nothing i can do about it of course except hope that people grow out of their neuroses some day.

i broke down and did dishes today. well, i loaded up the dishwasher (which i haven't used in a year). turns out the damn thing is broken. i'm so sick of things breaking in this apartment.

oh cool. i just walked outside to take the trash out and discovered that the hallway is covered in bright red vomit from my neighbors' escapades last night. so sick.

ohhhh! my download of the er season finale just completed, so i'm gonna bounce and then head to pistol city.

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