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wednesday was a redeeming day for men everywhere in my book. overlord sent me flowers for being a good friend, stewbot framed a futurama print just because it's awesome and i love it and sparks randomly bought a copy of "good omens" for me at the mall.

("good omens" happens to be one of the first books (beyond the goosebumps series) that i was seriously interested in reading. it was the first novel i ever recommended to a friend. sparks had no idea i'd even ever read it, so it was that much cooler as a gift.)

(fyi: the flowers from overlord were also the first i ever recieved from a boy (and the second i ever received from anyone). i'm not counting the roses jo3 bought for me during my super-senior year, because they were apology flowers and he didn't have the balls to write "i'm sorry" on the card because dorso took him to the store and "wouldn't let" him.)

(also, overlord totally rememberd my favorite flower!)

(the futurama print is fabulous on many levels, but especially because the matte matches my walls.)

men needed a redeeming day, i only wish it happened more often. it wasn't long before i was almost completely disappointed in them again.

oh well. god knows i'm nothing but disappointment to them all most of the time too. such is life i suppose.

i got a lot of praise about that eddie brickell and the new bohemians rip-off i wrote the other day. i'm not going to lie, i'm perplexed by the idea that people find that to be quality writing. i guess that just goes to show you just how freaking miserable i am at literature interpretation. still, i'd be interesting in hearing some more specific feedback.

also, i still think it's hilarious that the crap i think i write gets praised and the stuff i work at gets ignored. so, also, is life. heh.

a lot of patients told me today that i'm a really good tech. i'm glad they can tell i care. i'm glad they can see that i'm trying my hardest. for the moment, i sort of like this job again. ;)

i hate watching people make mistakes. i really hate that i can't stop them. i have the expereince; i have the knowledge. but we all have to learn for ourselves. but i do hate seeing people get hurt.

but what can you do?

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