sWell (shakewell) wrote,

first days are always the worst, but this one takes the cake

one of my patients went into respiratory arrest today. it was awesome.

(by the way, she didn't die.)

i'm a little scared about how not-panicked i was. to be honest, it all seemed far too personally removed. i think that's a bad thing.


i really think there ought to be some sort of post-incident counseling for (especially new) techs in these sorts of situations. i got a 15-minute lecture on the mechanics of the chair afterward, but no one asked me if i was ok or told me it wasn't my fault or even told me if i did something wrong.

that's kind of fucked up.

luckily (i suppose) i barely cared about the situation, so it didn't really faze me. i could see it bothering normal people though. you'd think they'd want to help manage that stress.

oh well.
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