sWell (shakewell) wrote,

car trouble

they're trying to tell me i need ALL NEW exhaust and shit just because one stupid clamp fell off. i'm not stupid. i know exactly what happened. and i know that system isn't more than three years old, so they can just get fucked.

unfortunately, not only did i need new break pads, but also one rotor and the other one had to be ground down. and, as expensive as that is going to be, it's not even half of what they were going to charge me for the exhaust.

lesson learned: don't put the next brake inspection off for three years after i notice a problem.

i think i may have gotten a little carbon monoxide poisoning again last night when i was driving home. i couldn't have been tired enough to be hallucinating again. but i sure do see some funny stuff when i drive at night.

i can't wait to get a new car.
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