sWell (shakewell) wrote,

endorphins, ho!

nothing beats a cold shower after a good run. ahhhh! even though i don't use zest, i get the feeling i'm zest fully clean after that.

i ran for about 40 minutes tonight. i don't know how far i went. i'm guessing somewhere between one and two miles. i tried to pace myself so i could build some strength up in my hip flexor, but pacing is a skill i'm afraid i will never master (in any aspect of my life).

i did force myself to run the whole time. and i'm not going to lie: i was a mess. even though it's not cold out anymore, my throat was burning almost the entire time. i managed not to get sick, which actually surprised me quite a bit.

when i was all gung-ho about soccer i'd run my ass off over the summers. i think i puked on every street corner in miles ridge and cherry trace. hell, one time i practically shit my pants trying to sprint home.

oddly enough, that little anecdote reminds me of molly dattilo. during an indian run at cross country practice, molly once asked me, "don't you just hate how when you run it makes you have to poop?" i'd never experienced that phenomenon prior to that moment, but i've been well aware of it ever since. ahh... the power of suggestion.

so i'll be in madison friday and saturday for the run for molly dattilo. of course, by run, i mean walk. you should all go. if not for your own fat asses, then for molly and her family.

so, anyway, keep your calendar clear for independence day this year. i declare it an official ipwib/port krew/jive/lj holiday.

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