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holdin' her curtains open

had a four-square extravaganza today with badrew, kradams and jo3. good times.

i don't have jury duty tomorrow.

kradams and i would like to have a big bash up here some weekend soon. we're talking kickball, frisbee, good tunes, beer, burgers and dogs. we want to kick it old-school 'port crew style. get all the kids back together before people graduate and move away or pop out anymore kids.

more on this subject later. but special attention should go to dorso, lambars and ben, whom i never see anymore. let us know if there's a weekend that's particularly good or bad for you. april 30, is out. that's all i have so far.

i hate flip flops even more than i thought i did.

my feet hurt so bad.

i spent too much money on a dress and shoes i can't wear until i shed some of this hibernation fat. stupid, i know. but hot.

i think i'm going to buy a rowing machine. don't ask me where i'm going to put it.

well i'm buzzin'.

so buzz off.


Apr. 18th, 2005 01:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Rowing around
now i haven't gotten a rowing machine yet, but i have used one before. they are a great, great low-impact, total-body workout. i believe my brother once told me they are the BEST machine to use, but, really, what does he know.

but yeah... they're pretty good. you push with your legs until they're fully extended. then you lean back and pull with your arms and back (and abs). and it's great cadiovascularly too.

you should try one out. good stuff.

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