sWell (shakewell) wrote,

what's fufessional?

and, with that, i am now (revolving) debt free.

i basically told my japanese teacher to get fucked last night. that's probably one of the bigger mistakes i've made in my academic career. but he deserved it and a lot more, honestly. too bad i'm the one who must live with the consequences. exactly when did i circumcise my foresight?

they're pulling April fool's day gags at work, today. reminds me of the prank jo3 and i pulled on kradams and ben. i really wish i'd been there to watch that one go down. hehe.

i swear i saw kumar (of harold and kumar go to white castle) on an episode of er yesterday, but i was too lazy to rewind for validation. i guess it's not called rewinding anymore. search back, perhaps.

i feel so alone in this town without my parents here. i've been spending more time with kradams and also more time in pistol city, which does help, but it's so weird to realize that my mom and dad aren't just a stone's throw away anymore. i've come down with a large-scale and role-reversed empty nest syndrome.

i dreamed that my mom's mother died in that recent earthquake but my mom wouldn't go to identify the body so the rest of the family had to go instead. i also dreamed about dr. john carter, his 'gamma', hamster quintuplets in the hot tub, distended leg veins, jaun valdez winning the great motorcycle race with a cadillac and drunken jo3 and xtylerx bringing over what they said was my japanese book but was actually my art appreciation book.

why is it people feel the need to explain and apologize in advance of controversial things (and sometimes even non-controversial things)? i really wish we'd all just get to the point.

did i tell you i have a hold on my record again this semester? there's a list of reasons such a hold might be placed (none of which apply to me, mind you), but no way to know for sure which reason brought it on. last semester i had a hold as well, but when i went in to speak to an advisor they not only didn't know why it was placed, but they also couldn't explain how it had been removed between my phone call and subsequent visit to the advising office. i fucking hate this bullshit runaround.

in addition, the "automatic" transfer from university college to the school of science after my first semester still hasn't come through after two years and two attempts to have it done manually by an advisor. god i love college.
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