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its the drugs and its the shots and its just me. im making mountains out of molehills. overreacting. its my fault and i know it. so i sit in my car and cry for 30 minutes. straight up bawling like a little baby and i dont even know where its coming from. im mad at him, maybe. no. mad at myself for being such an idiot. upset because im just sitting there crying in the parking lot and its 20 degrees outside. pissed because i cant drive until i stop crying. and i cant stop crying because im cold and lonely and mad that he isnt there for me to talk to or yell at or cry on or something. i dont know. it was a joke to you but i am a cunt. and im a fool. so what am i going to do about it? well. first, im going to curl up and cry myself to sleep. then tomorrow im going to sit around in bed all day to let it all soak in. to punish myself. to get my hopes up that he'll show up and prove me wrong and everything will be peachy. to be let down and heartbroken because aparently thats how i like things to be.

i wont last a week in kansas.


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Mar. 23rd, 2002 12:22 am (UTC)
you will do fine in kansas!
i know this won't help, but i love ya, kid. you are a good person and i truly enjoy talking to you. you deserve to be happy, damn it and anyone that gets in your way of that is a fool and a waste of time. there are a lot of people who care and worry about you. just take care of yourself.
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