sWell (shakewell) wrote,

work, money, er, easter

i just put in my second week of exactly four hours. *phew* this full-time life is definitely going to take some getting used to. and so are these fat pay checks. heh. after this month, i should be completely free of debt and i can start saving for a new car. how exciting! in three weeks i'll finish precepting at work, and i'll be making even more money.

i wish i weren't materialistic and so concerned with money, but i'm not going to lie. i want things. lots of things. i want my life to be simple and convenient. i want to look nice and be comfortable. i want reliable transportation and a warm place to sleep.

and i sort of want all this stuff right now. i want safety and security before i start a family. and i want a family as soon as possible.

i guess it's too early for me to write much of an update. i'm not exactly coherent when i wake up this early. *yawn*

hey! did i tell you i got the second season of ER? god, i love it. the third season should arrive next month. ahhh...

back to bed!

oh... happy easter!
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