sWell (shakewell) wrote,

i r c u

i miss the days when the people i talked to on-line were at least within walking distance from me, if not within earshot or direct line of sight.

i hate how it takes 20 minutes or more to go anywhere in this town.

i want to have a beer-b-q for my birthday this summer. that weekend should also host kickball, tee-ball, frisbee, four square, nude female soccer and a fake bachelorette night on the town for all the ladies. i would also like to play pinochle, but would settle for euchre.

that skirt cost as much as two weeks worth of groceries. i have to take it back. perhaps the ink tag was a sign from god that i need to stop impulse shopping.

i wish i could sew a skirt like it. or sew in general.

i want to find a rope swing or old bridge to do sweet jumps off of and go swimming in indiana's polluted waterways. i want to have another knock-down, drag-out mud fight.

i want to go night swimming.

i want to scale buildings and count the stars.

i want to go hill jumping on the dewy golf course grass.

i know change fuels progress, but i miss the way things used to be.

i miss the people we were and the things we used to do. i miss the fun times we had. i miss the closeness.

i guess i'm balking at adulthood now. that would explain my sudden urge for tattoos, piercings and funky new hairstyles. i'm glad i haven't locked myself into anything yet. tied myself down. it's good to still have available outs.

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