sWell (shakewell) wrote,

tussin 'n' freaks

got tickets for me and my posse (killbot, stewbot and spooge) to go see mcchris clixnwhistles just now. i guess that was the motivation i needed to get out of the damn apartment. huzzahs are in order.

(all together, now: huzzah.)

i also went grocery shopping and bought so many fishsticks it's stupid.

i'm really surprised i haven't caught this cold/flu thing that's going around. it's right up my alley. it's ok. i'll probably just get hepatitis from work instead. score.

work is going really well, by the way. class starts at the end of this week. in the mean time, i'm just trying to learn as much as possible and stay busy. i like to do all the little things to make time go by faster. i hate standing around with nothing to do. a fellow trainee tried to horn in on my busy work today. ohhhh that made me angry. to top it off, she also tried to have a conversation with me while she did it.

earlier in the day one of the techs and i had a conversation about how it sucks when people talk to you when you're trying to nap and they never get the hint that you don't want to hear them at all. it really isn't fair that you can't just tell people you're not interested in speaking with or listening to them. that's not rude; that's honest. (if i wanted to know about your day/children/love life/etc. i would ask about them. i don't talk to you about that crap. why do you continue to talk to me about it? we are co-workers, not friends.)

i've gotten into the habit of just walking away from people who insist on talking to me. they follow me now, but i think they'll get tired of it eventually.

here's hoping.

well... i guess i should put those fishticks away.
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