sWell (shakewell) wrote,

words of the day

douche kazoo n. pl. douche kazoos. 1. a derogatory term popularized be swell. usually denotes a failure to perform on par with normal satifaction standards or a tendancy to to fail when success is most imperative. ("livejournal is such a fucking douche kazoo, i can't even post a comment in my own damn journal.")

robbored p.t. v. tr. alt. form roboxored. 1. to be both robbed and fuxored at the same time. ("when i saw my keys, wallet and cell phone were missing, i knew i was robbored.")

dear livejournal,

i understand you are temporarily in read-only mode, but i think your use of the word temprary is insulting. sure, every few minutes i can sneak a little something onto your finicky database and, for that, i do thank you. but it has been nearly a week now of this silly game. are you ever going to get your act together or are you really the little cock tease that everyone warned me about?

and, honestly now, is it really necessary for you to deny my access AND change my radio button selections when i attempt to post comments. i'll bet i've missed ten of your tiny windows of opportunity because you thought i wanted to post as some other user when i was obviously still logged in.

will you suck this entry too up into you void of entries that never were where it can drift in oblivion alongside it's bretheren of things better said the first time? or will you coax me in with one successful attempt before you dash my hopes again with you impenetrable walls?

sometimes i want to hate you, dear livejournal, but i cannot bring myself to do it. you were my first and you will always hold a special place in my browser history.

i hope we can make this work again. we've been through too much to let it end like this.

much love always,
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