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a parisian engagement

my first great love wrote to tell me he was engaged yesterday. and it's really weird because i'm honestly nothing but happy for him. i have seen how happy she makes him and there is nothing i want more for him than to see him truly happy and at peace.

it's weird that of all my previous wedding experience has left me more off balance than this the news of this engagement. i still love him very much but i know we were not meant to be. in typical hollywood dramas, i'd be sad or scheming sabotage, but there's no reason. he is happy. that's all i ever wanted for him. i'm so glad that she could give him what i could not.

for all the pain our breakup caused him, i know now that i did the right thing for him. i thought i knew it then, but now i'm sure.

anyway, it's really awesome that he could tell me this. "i hope youre happy for me. im sure you are, since you are a great friend, but still, you know." in most other cases, i have a really hard time dealing with exes' new lovers. i guess i just hate seeing them get hurt. but not this time. not when it seems right.

and i thought it was really awesome that he was genuinely concerned about what i thought of his news. that shows me that he really does consider me a good friend to him. that my opnion, my approval, is important to him.

i wonder if they'll get married in paris...

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