sWell (shakewell) wrote,

catholicism wow

even god won't forgive your sin unless you ask him to and you promise him you'll at least try not to do it again.

that's the contract christians have with him. they play by his rules and he loves them and lets them be with him.

i wish i had a contract for friends. i'd like to let people know what i expect from them right from the start. well, it's not what i expect from them. i don't expect anything from anyone. it would be then what i expect from a friend. so, in the end, there could be no qualms with what people think they are and what they actually are to me.

if they said, "amanda, i am your friend." then they'd have to be willing to say, "amanda, i'm sorry i didn't live up to what i said i was (or what i promised to be). i'll try harder this time."

i guess maybe i'm too picky.

but i'd rather be alone than with jerks.

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