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that's the way it is

so i had a great day at work today. i didn't do well or anything. just kept myself in high spirits. very enjoyable. then, of course, my idiot friends ruined it for me at dinner (whopper wednesday). so i'm fucking over it. i've got to be out of the house by next friday anyway, so i went ahead and drove half my shit home tonight. i'm planning on working my ass off through next saturday, but after that i'm gone. for the moment, carmel is where i'll be setting up camp. but i'm not going to bother unpacking. i'm not living here again. there's nothing for me here anymore. especially if my jerkass brother is planning on moving home this summer. fuck him.

uhhh yeah... so all my old friends think i'm a bitch. i am. i don't know why they never noticed before. anyway, they're always pissing me off one way or another, and then making me feel like i deserve it. eff that noise. i'm over the guilt trips, kids. i've got my mom for that. so i guess i'm going to do exactly the the thing that pissed me off when my friends moved away - and forget all about you fools. i'm just pushing you away so you can't hurt me later. it's what i do. you should all know that by now.

so thanks for the good times, i guess. hope you all have wonderful lives and successfully forget all about me. much love always - a.
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