sWell (shakewell) wrote,


i get the hiccups a lot at bedtime.

i do not appreciate having due dates moved up weeks at a time, especially not for HUGE projects. i do not appreciate notice via email.

i hate proofs.

i remember nothing of geometry.

my training class doesn't start until next friday. it is eight weeks long. ugh.

despite my painfully single lifestyle (and my sickeningly manly appearance), i had one of the best valentine's days in recent memory. i got one jeff gordon valentine card ("no skidding!"), one anti-valentine ("you'll do."), one "i love you" button, one heart-shaped sucker, one heart-shaped cookie with sprinkles, two text messages, tons of instant messages and LJ comments, a home-cooked meal, a party invitation, an "i love you bear," a cupcake, candy hearts, twizzlers and two hershey's dark chocolate bars.

today, i recycled an old japanese assignment for a new one because i didn't have time to write it for real.

i made cupcakes for my japanese class and everyone was happy. what fun.

i should really go to bed.

damn these hiccups.

i'm dreaming a lot lately. crazy, detailed, involved stuff. so intense.

tomorrow i will be sorry i didn't blow dry my hair tonight. le sigh.

i'm really looking forward to cedar point this summer. i don't know why it's in my thoughts so much, though. quite a ways off still.

i find it odd to wish happy valentine's day to those you're not romantically involved with. i don't know why. it's like saying merry christmas to jews. not really. but it's odd.

it's taken me 30 minutes to write all of this nothing.

water i do drink
but still i hiccup again
and again *hiccup*

god haikus rule.
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