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i think i'm developing writer's block. not that i'm really a write or anything. i just have all these single, random thoughts and i just don't feel like developing them at all.

maybe it was from watching the new year's eve episode of my so-called life and seeing little miss angela chase resolve not to be so introspective (and then promptly renege on her resolution for fear of making herself a shallow person).

i'm tired of being deep. i'm also too tired to be deep.

my sincerely best friends are those who appreciate (and tolerate) my obsessive, compulsive need to elaborate on everything. but me real-life best friends, the ones i see fairly regularly, are the ones who like to drink beer, have sex, watch tv and eat fast food.

maybe it's from catching up on sex and the city and just being totally disgusted with carrie's neuroses.

still, when i try to avoid this public narration of my inner mind, i find myself babbling on about the innocuous events in my daily life and i can't believe that's very interesting, entertaining or informative for my loyal fan base. (that's you, dear sWellivision viewer!) and i guess i'm a little digusted with that too.

i guess i just miss having real life friends (or even just acquaintances)around all the time. this friendship via livejournal just isn't an appropriate substitute.

anyway, here's some randomness:

amanda miller came into the lab last week. i saw her name pop up on the computer screen and it totally threw me for a loop.

i watched the season finale of sex and the city last night (more like this morning) when i couldn't sleep. i probably should have waited until i'd seen at least some episodes from seasons four, five and six, but insomnia overruled what little patience i have. i was surprised to find the big "twist" wasn't between the two people i had heard it was going to be between. that actually pissed me off a little bit. whatevs.

so, yeah, the insomnia is back. up until 5. awake at 7 for work or 9:30 on my days off. i really don't know what's bothering me this time around. lonely i guess.

an ex-stalker is back in my life. he's not stalking me again (not yet anyway), it's just an odd twist of fate that brings our paths back together every few days. seeing him and remembering what a jerk i was is a BIG reminder to maintain my policy of total honesty with people.

art appreciation is such a pain in my ass. however, it has brought back the age-old tradition of folding and passing notes during lecture.

my japanese teacher printed out vocabulary lists for everyone at the beginning of the semester. that's four chapters worth of words. apparently, according to the quiz i took last thursday, he expects us to already know all the words we haven't gotten to yet. also, i'm supposed to learn random, incidental words that other people in class like to use as well. what a load.

i start at the dialysis clinic next week. eek.

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