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i didn't sleep very well last night. i had a lot on my mind.

work is phenomenally boring today. the only people in the lab are the poor suckers coming in to check oncourse and find out their classes were canceled today. i'm really glad i don't have to drive to campus anymore.

[edited] remember when pixylayne used to sit in the parking lot and cry because she couldn't find a parking space at school? i never had that much trouble at iupui, but it was a bitch anyway.

speaking of pixylayne, it was her 21st birthday yesterday. i refrained from wishing her a happy one, since that somehow makes me out to be more of a bitch than if i pretend not to care or remember.

i'd like to go out tonight. movie. dinner. drinks. something. anyone interested?

FYI: the donnie darko director's cut is playing at cinemark movies 8 now (greenwood corners 1848 east stop 13 road, indianapolis, in, 46227. i recommend everyone look into it at a theater near you.

dang! i work five days next week. god, i forgot how much it sucks having a job.

bored. bored. bored.
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