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i wish i had someone to speak japanese with.

i also wish i had a windows disk so i could install the east asian language packs.

i've got my self-introduction memorized already, but i probably won't say it in class on tuesday. i get the shakes just reading out of the book in that class. i don't know why. fifteen of the 17 other people in there are exponentially worse than i am. i guess i'm just embarrassed to have to speak in front of the other two. the best guys sits next to me everyday. it's sort of funny because when we read in unison, i always fuck him up somehow. sucker.

i wish math were as much fun as japanese.

i wish i could go to sleep.

i wish i didn't have to drive up to carmel tomorrow.

i wish i had some money in the bank.

blah blah blah ...

i wonder if i have to work on sunday. i really still want to go to bad boy bill saturday night.

despite my new exercise regime, i've been putting on the pounds this winter. in fact, since i started running, i have been chowing down at every available opportunity.

i wish i could find my balance point. (maybe i'll find it next week when i run out of groceries. zing!)

i wish i had a girl friend, sister or faggy hairdresser friend to braid my hair for me.

i got my blood drawn today for the new job. two other women were getting hired with me. they're both already nurses. but, somehow, they're bother terrified of having blood drawn. i don't understand that at all.

i passed my drug test, despite the indiscretion of last friday. cool.

i'm so not looking forward to art appreciation tomorrow. *yawn* but i am looking forward to downloading ER and watching it from the comfort of the tempurpedic.

awesome. i have to pee again.

sniff you jerks later.


Jan. 21st, 2005 04:22 am (UTC)
"I've been putting on the pounds this winter"
Heh. I hear you. I think I've gained between 5 and 10 pounds (despite my efforts) so far and it makes me want to cry. My previously flat tummy with the three magic ab lines it slowly turning to jell-o :(
And baby, I'll braid your hair any time you make yourself available!!!
Ashley isn't going to BBB this weekend... so if we want to go, it's up to us girls :) We'll talk.

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