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don't hate the player

i'm bored. deal with it.

(plus it's been a minute since i loaded up the old playlist)

1. On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty-five songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing).
2. Write down one line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. (i'm going to put a couple lines.)
3. Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. (NO CHEATING! NO GOOGLE!)
4. When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the correct name of the song next to it. (Don't strike out the line until the song's ARTIST and NAME have both been guessed correctly!)

1. can't see over the iroc's dash
the lynnwoods - kelly is white trash stewbot!
2. clutching her faded photograph my image under her thumb yes with a message from my heart
[ ha! i'm going to leave out the DDR voice tracks. but "i was moved" just came up ]
3. i see trees of green red roses too i see them bloom for me and you
louis armstrong - what a wonderful world gygaxis!
4. to feel the warm thrill of confusion that space cadet show
pink floyd - in the flesh wes g!
[ damn it. DDR's telephone operator just came up too. but the title is the only lyric. ]
5. well it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane
rocky horror picture show - time warp chuwie!
6. picture you gettin' down in a picture tube like you lit the fuse
gorillaz - clint eastwood killbot!
7. fake honey real plastic stupid cupid fantastic queer thinking straight talking
8. everytime i think of you i feel a shot right through with a bolt of blue
new order - bizarre love triangle wes g!
9. hey you, big star tell me when it's over hey you big mood guide me to shelter
deftones - my own summer killbot!
10. there's a war goin' down between my brothers tonight
operation ivy - unity aileenhaligh!
11. snatchin up your honey for some late night hype and snobby-ass bitches get slapped out of spite
dr. dre - ackrite stewbot!
12. i was lying on the grass on sunday morning of last week indulging in my self defeats
len - steal my sunshine kaylahawkins!
13. so much for all your highbrow marxist ways just use me up and then you walk away boy you can't play me that way
white town - your woman beatfreak
14. here comes a stringray there goes a manta ray in walked a jelly fish there goes a dogfish chased by a catfish in flew a sea robin watch out for that pirahna there goes a narwhal here comes a bikini whale!
15. 9am on the hour hand and she’s waiting for the bell and she’s looking real pretty just wait for her clientele
16. acid booze and ass needles guns and grass lots of laughs lots of laughs
joni mitchell - blue charlatan25!
17. rythmic systemic and world control magnetic genetic dement your soul put the needle on the record ... when the song beats go like this
18. yeah i'm goin' goin' away baby and i won't be back till fall.
19. i don’t mind single file down the runway feelin fine and i’ll see you my friend over and over again
20. to the beat and ya don't quit it's that old school rap with that new school hit
dj kool - let me clear my throat stewbot!
21. late in the evening i fall down drunk you got me feeling not drunk but drownt
boss hog - i dig you django_django
22. there was a hearing the rules were broken by one followed by another
23. johnny got a shotgun and he ain't even strong enough to cock one fuck tryin to job

dr. dre - bang bang stewbot!
24. i would like to hold my little hand how we will run we will, how we will crawl
25. cuz i love feelin dirty and i love feelin cheap and i love it when you hurt me so drive them staples deep
green day - dominated love slave huggy23
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