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work-study == get paid to LJ OR what i did on my weekend vacation

so, friday, out of the blue, xtylerx, san_yo and jesse showed up at my front door. they wanted to drink brews and get some grub someplace that (underage) jesse could get into. we rounded up jo3, kradams, andy and hypnotique and headed to my all-time favorite indy bar, the 86th street pub.

as luck would have it, we just missed last call for the kitchen. also, it was karaoke night and the place was packed. also also, people not from indy don't appreciate driving 20 minutes to go anywhere. jesse left and i promised to get xtylerx to the greyhound station and to take san_yo home before sunday.

nobody got up to sing any karaoke, but we still had a blast singing along. some of the group took off for a while to smoke, so i drank their booze like the obnoxious drunk i am. it's debatable whether or not everyone paid their bills, but then everyone but andy and kradams headed back down to my place for more booze and some shitty house mixes.

apparently, i'm awesome at (glow stick) cords when i'm drunk [and by awesome, i mean still terrible, but much better than my sober self]. also, i do ridiculously stupid things like write the god damn livejournal url on every door in my building except my own. oh, and i don't know if he can when he's sober, but xtylerx definitely cannot cook when he's wasted.

at some point, i may have gotten high. i mean, i know i smoked, but i was way too drunk to know if it made anything any different.

jo3 agreed to drive xtylerx to the bus station for me. apparently both of boys thought i was trying to get xtylerx out of bed so i could fuck san_yo. [sometimes, i really wish i were the raging slut everyone presumes me to be. i mean, if you're going to have the reputation, you might as well be getting laid.]

anyway, passed out. woke up again when my last chance to catch the greyhound alarm went off for xtylerx. then slept until noon. felt pretty woozy when i woke up, but after a tall glass of water and some ER and west wing i was ready to go.

san_yo and i walked down the street to get my keys from jo3, who most definitely thought i fucked san_yo and acted like a complete child. also, i found five bucks in front of his door and he promptly threw a fit until i gave that back to him [despite the fact that he owes me money].

the drive to b-town was quick and quiet, but damned if the neo geo didn't encourage some hangover symptoms. i dropped san_yo off at his place and headed over to 1405 to see what was cracking with that crew. we just chilled, at some pizza bagels, spun some cds and piloted some anti-gravity ships while we waited for chuwie to arrive. also, at some point, we went to overlord's and played some tetris worlds. [i reign supreme.]

while stewbot was out slingin' magic pizzas, spooge, beatfreak, opiate, chuwie, viealet, overlord, trysta, igg, killbot, rob and i went bowling and boozing. what a time! honestly, i laughed so hard i nearly wet myself. and my face and my gut were just sore from all the laughter. also, i bowled the two best games of my life. great mother fucking times.

then it was back to 1405 for more booze and general tom foolery. at about 4am i went to pick up stewbot from his girlfriend's party and he was kind enough to steal some tequila for me to bring home. unfortunately, when we got back, overlord, trysta, igg, rob, chuwie and viealet had already left. but then ashley, tonya, curt and colin b. showed up. killbot decided he needed to walk home sometime after that.

there was more booze, more records, hot tubbing, ali g discussions and then harold and kumar go to white castle. spooge and i watched space balls and i managed to pass out before the sun came up.

we slept in until about 3pm and, after much debate, decided to trek to bob evans [it's dinner time] for the ipwib tradition of the day after recovery breakfast. we picked up killbot on the way. now that i've started eating their country biscuit breakfast, i can actually leave there and not be pissed off about wasting money on yucky food. mmm... also, spooge paid!

beatfreak took me to get my car from overlord's, but i got a little caught up in tetris for an hour or so. ops. igg, overlord and trysta had already looked into seeing a movie, so we rounded up the 1405 crew and headed to the theater.

chuwie and rob were just over at macree's(sp?) deli watching the colts get spanked, so spooge, beatfreak and i went to say hello. chuwie had had about five big boy beers so he was pretty lit. i talked him into staying another night and agreed to drive him back to deputy on monday, so we gave rob directions and bought chuwie a movie ticket.

the bot crew saw white noise and everyone else saw the life aquatic with steve zissou. i thought for sure we were going to get kicked out of the theater when chuwie went ape shit for the preview for the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, but he managed to keep himself pretty well under control. the movie was perhaps better than i expected, but i'm not sure i'd say it was good. anyway, the best part was when they were all in the submarine and chuwie said, "maybe they'll find the happy cake oven." and i said, "for me, it was like a return to the womb," in my best creepy french guy accent. oh boy. i laughed until i cried on that one.

after the movie, i went to get my car again and then got caught up in tetris again while i waited for overlord and trysta to finish fighting. they never did, so i headed back to 1405. there, it was a lot of video games action. chuwie went back over to viealet's to beat another one in. and stewbot stayed up watching movies with my insomniac ass all night. i guess i was asleep by 9am. chuwie called at noon i think to see if we couldn't finagle a ride home for him from igg. no answer at overlord's so we drove on over.

man, we sat around all afternoon with igg and overlord watching star trek movies and die hard, playing tetris and mortal kombat and just having a good time. chuwie bought me some jimmy john's and then it was time to go.

this was by far one of the best weekends i've had in a very long time. it was so good to see everyone together again. i definitely miss the glory days of ipwib. of course, at the same time, i got fairly annoyed with people's bad habits, catch phrases and relationship drama. but what are you going to do, eh?

thanks to everyone who came out and partied. much love.

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