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self-introduction to my japanese class

how do you do? i am amanda miller. i come from new york, new york. i am a student at IUPUI. right now, i'm a sophomore. my major is math. i like to eat japanese meals, but i don't like to eat with chopsticks. i like pork cutlets and flour noodles. i don't like deepfried vegetables or seafood. i like to drink. i like sake. i hate beer. i don't like to gain weight, but i also don't like aerobics. nice to meet you.

this was damn hard work to translate. i guess i have to memorize it to say aloud in front of the class next week. oh joy. i said i was from new york, new york because that's a lot easier to say than indianapolis, indiana. (nyuuyooku, nyuuyooku VS indianapolisu, indiana.)

as much as i'm dread performing any sort of oral presentation, what i dread even more is suffering through other people's presentations. there are people in my class now who can't even read the japanese characters. what's worse, is that they don't even realize all they have to do is listen and repeat.

you know, this evening class schedule has me staying up nights again. i couldn't sleep at all last night. tonight is shaping up to be the same. hrmph.

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