sWell (shakewell) wrote,

run around sue

against my better judgement, i'm going running again. i'll probably just end up walking a lot.

i've decided that problem i was describing in my leg muscle isn't actually in my leg muscle. i mean, it's definitely not my calf that hurts. it feels like it's just under the skin. like there is glue on my skin and it pulls too tight sometimes. it follows a line from the back right of my knee across my shin to the left of my ankle.

i'm just chock full of abnormalities.

as for school, we covered more logic today in discrete, which was the same logic we covered today in geometry, which is the same logic i just finished last semester which was exactly the same as my intro to logic and symbolic logic courses (both identical).

redundancy makes me want to kill people. i mean, god forbid we actually set up classes to build on one another rather than overlap each other incessantly! i guess colleges have a lot of bills to pay so they need to rip me off at every available opportunity. awesome. thanks, guys.

oh. after two years of being stupid and nervous, i finally called the natatorium to get info on swimming and whatnot. akward. but easy enough. i'm going over tomorrow to pay my fee and scope out the place. i've got to see if there's a way for me to sneak kradams in there like i could at IUB's SRSC.

here's hoping.

ps - i totally hurt my ass falling down those stairs yesterday. oof!
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