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i'm stealing stamps from my parents. if you want your own, personalized blankslate un-valentine, email me your address [even if i already have it]. they're high class, i'll tell you that.

what's new with me? hmm...

i'm out of groceries. nearly out of money. prepared to sell plasma next week. making commission at the dial. advanced to ssr. sick as a dog. hot shit with the boys. planning a house party. sick of my roommates. sick of the drama. ready to leave. anxious for summer. looking for an exersize buddy.

there's the long and short of it really. nothing much new in my life, really. don't have time for that shit. i'm really looking forward to this summer, though. and next year. i can't wait to get out and grow up. i need it.

hey! how was your valentine's day? or VD as my mother chose to refer to it on the check she sent me as a gift. mine blew ass. to start, i woke up super fucking early. then the gas man came to disconnect the gas. then brent was all in a tizzy about money. i went to marsh to pay the bill only to find out i needed my statement or account number. of course, those lazy fucks at the crackhouse wouldn't pick up the goddamn phone, so i had to drive back, pick up the statement, go back to marsh and pay the bill. sheesh! the i fell ill to this dreaded cough. no sore throat. no fever. no nothing. just this pussy ass cough and a dirty old man laugh. had hopes of a hot date, but plans fell through. goddamn you VD. hehe. i heard they banned valentine's day forever in saudi arabia. i don't know why. i think they burned valentines instead of celebrating in pakistan or somewhere. people are fucking weird.

ran into an old friend in bloomington. well, when i say ran into i mean i sent him an email and he called me up. but you get the idea. that was wonderful. i miss my old classmates. i want to know what their lives are like these days. i'm still a little ashamed of my position in my life, so it makes it difficult to catch up with people, but i still wonder about them. hopefully, i'll get back in touch with them all before this summer. who knows though.

got a blank valentine email from the one and only larry richardson. i don't know what to make of it really. in any event, i'm surprised to see i'm still in his address book.

played guitar with my dad today. even though i haven't even touched a guitar in a month, i somehow managed to get better. bitchin', eh?! have i mentioned how much i'd like to be a rockstar?

my parent's bought the moulin rouge dvd. sweet! i'm going to watch it tonight, since i have to sleep on the couch. i'm such a pal. really, i am.

there were hopes of getting cable tv/internet at the crackhouse. that will not be happening, after all. sigh. no internet for me. i miss updating my page. be strong though, because when i do finally get reliable internet access, i'll have a brand new design for my iPWiB page. you're going to love it.

swell says: pop songs with xylophone's in them are a-ok in my book!


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Feb. 17th, 2002 12:58 am (UTC)
i'm ashamed of my postition in life as well.
i'm sorry you have a cough. stop smoking those damn cigarettes! they'll kill you one day!

hey, when are you going to come hang out with me?
Feb. 17th, 2002 05:48 am (UTC)
aren't we all
yeah... you know me an d smoking. hehe.

i dunno, chica, sometime after wednesday [when i get paid]. i need an invitation ya know, i'm not just going to show up on your doorstep.
Feb. 17th, 2002 09:43 am (UTC)
Re: aren't we all
Oooooh oooooh, what about me!?
Feb. 17th, 2002 12:40 pm (UTC)
what about you?
the same goes for you, dorkus. i don't make plans - you should know that by now.
Feb. 17th, 2002 01:44 pm (UTC)
Re: what about you?
Oh, I know...boy howdy do I know.
Feb. 18th, 2002 01:07 am (UTC)
an invitation


to my house (or wherever else you wanted to go). basically anytime, anyday after 5pm thursday the 21st.

for questions, comments, concerns, directions, suggestions, hate mail, love letters, and/or answers to the meaning of it all, please email me at:



how's that?
Feb. 19th, 2002 02:29 pm (UTC)
Re: an invitation
that's beautiful. but i have to work friday afternoon. i think i need a little more notice than that.
Feb. 21st, 2002 11:26 am (UTC)
Re: an invitation
you need more notice than basically anytime, anyday?
Feb. 21st, 2002 02:13 pm (UTC)
well... err... yeah....
you mean i'm welcome anytime? that's all well and good. but i need specifics. it's not within my capabilities to make plans and such. i work monday through wednesday and every other saturday. aside from that, i have no time constraints. except i do like to be near a cable television thursday nights at 10. i leave you with that, my dear.
Feb. 18th, 2002 02:30 pm (UTC)
swell i miss you!!
come visit the little people sometime!
love ya.
Feb. 19th, 2002 02:21 pm (UTC)
tell me when, and i'm there!
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