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responsible parties

my electric bill went up $20 to keep it 60 degrees in this tiny apartment for one week. that's like a 50% increase.

come on!

i can't wait to file my taxes this year. i refund check would be most choice at this point in time.

it looks like maybe i won't be able to go to school full time this semester if i get that dialysis tech position. it's practically impossible to find evening classes that i actually need to take. i found an online geology course that would have worked out but the wait list is 12 people long. plus, i hate geology.

if i take second semester japanese, then i can't take calculus. and if i take the job then i can't take my education class (a prerequisite for admission to the teaching program). so, this semester i will be making almost no progress toward my degree in math.

if i don't take the job, i can't afford to live here and go to school at the same time. but if i do take the job, then there aren't a lot of classes i can actually take.

i guess that puts me right on track for my succeed a semester, waste a semester college career track.


at least i'm getting by, right? at least i'm living my life on my terms. at least i haven't been backed into something by decisions other people have made for me or mistakes they have made.

despite my total lack of control, only i can claim responsibility for this life.

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