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wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?

i tried the new cherry vanilla dr. pepper. pretty good. not as vanilla-y as i would like. in fact, it's pretty much like cherry coke, which i already enjoy. i need to do a more discerning taste test to see if it's all it should be. because real cvdp (with syrup shots) is the bomb, baby!

i also sampled the diet version. blech! i hate nutrasweet so, so much.

and i would just like to say that it's completely unfair that my body's inability to process caffienne and corporate america's desire to almost exclusively produce caffienne-free varieties of poular sodas in diet form alone leaves me stuck with the choice of drinking something i either won't enjoy drinking or something that will hurt me pysically. or, i can always drink hi-c or water. (the taste of sprite also sickens me.)


you know, i think i've finally conquered my predeliction toward infatuation. we shall see.
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