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so the bookstore is out of the one book i need
which means i'll have to buy a brand new copy of the new edition
that just came out last week
but at least i'll be able to sell it back
unlike the two books i tried to sell from this semester


assuming he hasn't wrecked his car on the ice in iowa
and died
my friend jim-o should be here soon
i'm getting pretty excited to see him
but i know we're going to be SOOOOO bored this week
i'm thinking we may go bowling one of these nights
anyone want to go with?
or we could go ice skating!
that's actually how jim and i met
ahh... memories. hehe.
i may drag him to the jazz kitchen on wednesday
i'll lure him in with free waffles
and neglect to mention the house music
(i've heard there is trip hop now?)

i'm going grocery shopping today
i can't remember the last time i went
i know i always say that
but it's true
i think it's been especially long time this go around
because my mom has given me groceries three times
since the last time i bought any
i'm gonna eat taco salad like a mother fucker
(i don't even know what that's supposed to mean)
food! fuck yeah!

oh! i'm silk screening a shirt for jim sometime this week
so if anybody wants a swell brand t-shirt
now would be the time to ask
because i'm sure this stuff will hide under my bed
for at least another year after this printing
i still have a ton of white tees from the glory days of xine
(god i miss xine. i'm thinking about bring it back...)

well, back to cleaning hair off everything i own
so as not to disgust my house guest

jim: i'm not sure i trust this new car as much as my last.
me: what kind of car are you driving now?
jim: a ex-cop crown vic. it's big and white and pretty unreliable. just like me.
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