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yummy down on this

i fear i could not have survived in a time before microwaves.
FYI: milk boils pretty dang fast and stinks when it burns.

i'm going to pick up my scholarship today, which is cool because then i can 1) pay my rent and B) buy my book for next semester. it's really cool that i only have to one book this go around. it's not so cool that it's $100.

found plasticstripper today. ahh... the secret lives we lead.

guess i forgot to turn comments off on this thing whenever i said i would. i'm glad. they're good for laughs. thanks guys!

i've been really funny the past couple of days. i wish i were funny like that all the time. plus, i wish i could remember all the funny things i said so i could repeat them. oh! here's something funny kradams said while we were waiting for the movie to start last week:

joe, have you ever played ninja garden for xbox?
uhh. no... do you mean ninja gaiden?

everytime i think about that conversation i imagine silly, little, pixelated ninjas (think karate champ) karate chopping the ground and planting a quaint, little vegetable garden. it's pretty cute.
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