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after waiting for my brother, beatfreak and killbot to arrive from bloomington, i gave up and went to play euchre with my friend wes. turns out, one of his friends' family holds an annual euchre tournament betwixt their extended family and friends. this was something like their eighth or tenth year playing together, so i was under the impression that these people were serious players. but, it's far more likely that they all play about five games a year, all of them on christmas eve.

wes and i won our first game 10-0 and our second game 10-2. in our third game we revealed our hypothesis that we were just getting all the luck because we were the only team with a name (house of pain). so our opponents in that round named themselves "the destroyers of the house of pain." and boy did they spank us. it was kind of sad because we were up 8-0 and then just never scored again. one woman on the other team was just SO drunk too.

in our last match-up, the other team started busting out all those hoyle moves. they creamed us. our game was over while the other game (which started at the same time) was tied at 2-2.

so, while i didn't win, it was still quite a lot of fun hanging out, drinking beer and playing cards on christmas eve. plus, they had really good cheese. mmmm....


opened presents at my parents' house and ate some yummy lunch. then drove down to madison in the altima with killbot. made pretty good time, surprisingly.

in the process of digging my sister's car out of all that ridiculous snow, i broke one of her taillights. i let loose and exasperated "fuck..." when it happened and my niece responded with "ohhhhhhhhhh... i'm telling mommy!" i felt pretty damn bad about it. then my sister came out and started telling me all the other things that werewrong with her car. i don't know if that was supposed to make me feel better or worse. later, she was one the phone with my dad (explaining to him how i coudln't fix her modem) and told him all about me smashing her taillight. i definitely felt worse after that. then she told him that it was already cracked, which sort of makes sense of the whole ordeal since those things are pretty dang tough. after that i only offered to pay for the replacement and ceased feeling guilty at all. hell, i was even a little mad that i'd been manipulated into feeling so bad in the first place. but, hey, that's what family is for.

i tried to introduce my sister to the joys of chinese food on christmas day, but hong kong kitchen made a mess of things. it also didn't help that my niece only likes white rice smothered in brown sauce. still, i ate until i couldn't move and then i veged out on the couch to watch movies on repeat.


the seniors' lunch went pretty well. just about everyone showed up. katie strandmark made some tasty vegetarian chili (which i may attempt to make now) and i found out i like sweet potatoes thanks to lori phillips' caserole.

levi king brought a card game called set. it's just the kind of game to play with a bunch of ex-nerds like us. i'm determined to learn the tricks of that game and then bring it up to some holiday with my family. it will be like my one chance to school them in a battle of wits.

we also played a gripping game of tabboo that came down to two tie-breaker rounds. i must say, if i ever play that game again with those people, i'm totally choosing juniper_praska to be on my team. her method totally owns and she consistently remembers to use it (unlike me).

the murder mystery game at drjeffy's went well i think, but it seemed pretty akward. it was almost painful to watch. plus, very few people showed up in costume and that was totally LAME!

the seniors vs. freshman vs. others game of trivial pursuit was pretty fun, but far too long. the seniors stole the win after a few very iff answers. i'm sure the freshman would like very much to deny our claim to the title of champion. but for the record, i'd like you all to know that i went to hooters' monday night football last night and asked 20 guys what color that stupid flag is and they ALL said yellow. several of their girlfriends also mentioned that most of these guys wouldn't know the difference between yellow and gold unless the item in question was actually a piece of metal.

and for the record, if a hooters waitress ever tries to tell you that the fried pickles are the best thing on their menu, don't let her fool you into thinking that means they're totally superb or anything. they're just not as bad as their shitty wings.
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