sWell (shakewell) wrote,

last night & day one (1/1/05)

pipe dreams>>>

looks like ferry corsten is going to be in chicago saturday night. i can't even begin to describe to you how much i want to go. i really just wish i'd never found out about this. damn it.

(i suggest you watch his "rock your body rock" video, if you haven't already.)

broken dreams>>>

dreamt i was a pack mule for some sort of drug trafficing. so was lauren from my programming class. our group of ten was supposed to meet in the physics terminal. but we all just happened to meet it in th ewomen's restroom instead. i had a clue about where to find something. "flying penguin," it said. turns out there was ablack cherry picker in the airport that had a white boom when extended. dropped off my drugs somewhere in indy after riding around in convertibles that just had weed duct taped all over them. walked across town to pick up jo3 from some housesitting gig. he refused to walke the three extra blocks to my car so he threw a party instead. KA came. and kradams. a lot of madison boys too. they ate dinner on a ping pong table in the driveway. went to school for a day. s-p quit his job and left shelly furnish in charge of writing the drill for the marching show. the janitor from scrubs stole my agenda book out of my locker. i'd used it as a journal all through shcool. i just broke down and cried right on his chest. i told him he'd won. that he needn't even do anything with the book because i couldn't possibly feel any worse than i did at that moment.
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