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coherency is for the sober

got my grades. approximate 3.0 cumulative. i suck. teachers definitely padded my grades and that actually pisses me off a lot. but whatever.

my parents are watching a movie called "rolling kansas." the disk has a big smiley face smoking a joint on it. oh, those crazy kids.

my uncle mark died. heart attack.

made this awesome poster for clue. i really hope that it all works out this weekend. did anyone ever hear from ashley_a?

had about ten too many jello shots at apartment h tuesday night. did some fooling around in the only bathroom and, of course, got caught. needless to say, jo3 is disappointed--though not so disappointed that he doesn't want to hang out with me. also, pissed off menlie, because she's a good pal who sticks up for her friends (her friends being jo3 in this case).

i wish i had friends like that.

of course, i also wish i didn't get so drunk that i did such idiotic stuff. oh well. live and learn.

i made these awesome t-shirts tuesday morning. they were inspired by menlie's dj ass up moniker. one said "ass up" on the back and it was my giftmastm to her. the other said "face down" on the front and it was my gift to myself. i figured i'd go ahead and ruin the surprise here since i'm on the outs with her. i guess i just want to know that someone out there in LJ land at least appreciates the idea behind it. i mean, damn, i think it's the most awesome-est t-shirt i've ever made.

oh yeah, the printing was of my handwriting too. very pimp.

i gave my dad his dodecahedron. he really liked it.

oh yeah, i almost forgot. after the party tuesday night, i got the bright idea to drive my car. eventually, i got to my house but couldn't unlock my door. passed out in the hallway. woke up and went inside sometime later. passed right out on top of my covers. woke up to get sick later, but didn't have the wherewithal to make it to the bathroom or even to the garbage can three feet away, so i just hurled my blue raspberry jello shots right onto the carpet.

i really love that no one cared to see if i made it home ok. honestly, i do. i think i can safely say that i have now alienated every single person that ever cared about me. so sweet.

someday soon they will all cut me loose. even jo3 and his unconditional love.
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