August 20th, 2009


today's tweets

  • 18:57 Well the monsoon just rolled in apparently #
  • 19:01 Survived the momentary weather with queso and margaritas with @indymichelle, @jqr and @stewb0t #
  • 21:37 too lazy to drive to noblesville for the scavenger hunt, especially since they just gave the answer right to followers #
  • 07:06 ah, perfect. a good old-fashioned rain day is just what i needed to catch up from my day off. #
  • 13:30 wendy's has finally stopped serving honey dipping sauce. chicken nuggets will never be the same. #
  • 15:48 trying desperately to avoid having to review every single trucking ticket ever billed to this job #
  • 15:52 @blogindiana so, who won your #blindy awards? #
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