February 11th, 2009


today's tweets

  • 06:25 @weezietoes twitter can be a bit intimidating, but it's not that hard. i'll send a few articles your way. #
  • 06:27 @jackola twitter bird + fail whale is a great idea. i'm not sure i go to geeky enough halloween parties for it to be appreciated tho do you? #
  • 06:28 @browdog that is excellent news! congratulations! #
  • 07:31 @elizabethford i've never had cream of wheat, but i'm willing to give it a try. thanks for the tip! #
  • 08:48 i've gotten a lot better at my job. more proactive. maybe it's not so much the job, just life. #
  • 08:58 i'm thinking about lunch at 9 am. i've got to stop skipping breakfast. #
  • 09:26 @austroud i think i'm going to eat my lunch for brunch and head to subway for free cookie wednesday later :) #
  • 09:43 overheard @ the office: "tell everybody i like i said hi. tell everyone i don't like that i didn't say hi." #
  • 09:46 @IndyLunchtime "to go" drive through orders used to drive me crazy. i always made sure to tell them their totals in "american dollars" #
  • 10:26 trying to find a good home for a great kitty. owner is even offering to continue covering care expenses is.gd/jaGf #
  • 10:30 twhirl is great for managing multiple accounts, unless you're absent minded and keep rearranging your windows. sorry. #
  • 10:56 trying to get my iron up. mmm spinach. wanting to donate platelets so i can get the fee waived for bone marrow typing. #
  • 11:32 @ecluken taking supplements, but still low. i qualify for the Iron for Women program at the Blood Center tho, so i should double up soon #
  • 12:45 @indymichelle i wish you'd said so sooner. i would have called you at 11:59. or 11? i forget how it goes. anyway, def not after 12! #
  • 14:50 these avery worksaver have (so far) tripled the work that goes into a task that should take minutes--tops. *gra* #
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