January 13th, 2009


today's tweets

  • 21:43 @fetha i'll be at Girl Talk! woot! #
  • 21:45 i am not a priority. of course, why should i be? #
  • 22:42 @fetha Girl Talk IS sold out. poop! #
  • 22:42 @brasko19 if packing goes well this week, i think settled in by monday #
  • 22:57 hoping to kick this headache and get to sleep immediately #
  • 06:24 some days, it's hard to get out of bed in the morning. but it's not because i'm tired. #
  • 09:34 with the exception, possibly, of some steaks, i don't think i can ever be convinced to cook bone-in meats. #
  • 10:32 next indymojo.com girls' night out: wed, feb 18. sushi, comedy & dancing tinyurl.com/7gqtk6 #
  • 11:56 at a loss for words now that my tweets are being integrated with my indymojo.com profile #
  • 14:50 going home to pack some more. thinking about setting everything on fire and starting fresh. #
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