October 22nd, 2007


the witching hour

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quarantine and i carved pumpkins yesterday. i made a black widow spider and he made a cute cat (complete with ears that stick out!). i meant to take pictures after dark, but forgot. so, i'll try again tonight. we're definitely going to have to carve a new batch next week, though. and, hopefully, jqr, igg and surjay will join us.

i think my housemates are going to necropolis next weekend. i do want to go to a haunted house/corn maze this year, but i can't say i really want to wait in line for hours or pay extra so i don't have to wait so long. have any of you been to necropolis? is it worth it?

i think i'm leaning toward hanna haunted acres again. i've only been on their hayride, but that was enough to scare kradams, so i'm sure their haunted houses and corn maze are much more fun. besides, five attractions for $27 sounds like a deal to me!

i'm still trying to nail down exact plans for the pre- and post-halloween weekends. there's all kinds of shit going on, but no one wants to make their plans official yet. so, what amazing things are you kids getting into? want to invite me along?