July 25th, 2007

night sky

you snooze, you win? OR smack dat ass!

i am amazed at the dreams i can squeeze into the nine mintues of snoozing between alarms. i am also amazed that i can generally maintain those dreams between all five snooze sessions.


i got sexually harassed again, today, at work. it's so not cool. now, i will feel uncomfortable whether or i say something or not.


i knew the stripes were pink all along

i just wanted to ruin the surprise


i can't get that creep out of my head. and not just the creep. i'm dreading having to talk to my boss about this. i'm fearing retaliation. i really liked being one of the guys. now, it will never be the same.


tonight is one of those nights where i really wish i had someone to fall asleep with. i can't shut my brain off. i keep making myself cry.



maybe i'll get drunk.


some days, i really don't want to have to ask for what i need.