April 2nd, 2007


it's a doggy dog world

i need to come up with a good way to keep track of delicious hot dogs consumed this summer. any ideas?

saturday 3/31: 3 for dinner
sunday 4/1: 1 for breakfast
monday 4/2: 1 for dinner

total, thus far: 5.

not a bad pace so far, but my pace will surely grind to a halt when this jumbo pack of dogs we bought this weekend runs out. (we don't really do a lot of grocery shopping...)

next weekend that we've got some warm weather, anyone interested in trying out the ol' mug 'n' bun with me? first, i just wanted to go because i thought the name was great. then, i wanted to go because i wanted a hot dog. but, now, i want to go because pop pop used to go there and i think that's great.

i need a hot dog usericon.