April 1st, 2007

barefoot in the park

it's the summer of the hot dog

last night, femtron and i went out and bough a grill. and, though it is only just spring, my summer of the hot dog has officially begun.

yes, i know that hot dogs are the garbage parts of animals, but i love them anyway. and, on warm, breezy days, i crave them with a passion you would not believe.

cope, on the other hand, is completely disgusted by the mere mention of hot dogs. but breathe just a whisper of corn dogs--those same sinful franks, bathed in precious cornmeal and cleansed in the baptismal grease of a deep fryer--and his appetite is alight with anticipation.


bike rides to breakfast, walks to dinner, cook outs and coffee on the porch. though i don't care too much for this house (or indy in general), i think this summer is going to be a good one.

igg and i are contemplating a garden in front of the house. and, now that the neighbors have planted theirs, the competition is our motivation.

there's a girl down the street with a faux hawk who is going to hook me up with a decent hair stylist and her housemates like to yell about star wars.