February 19th, 2007


so cosmo says you're fat, well i ain't down with that

work, today, is highly boring and completely uneventful. tomorrow, however, i'll be copying and collating about 4000 pages; so, i'm not about to start complaining.

filed my taxes today. getting nearly $700 back, which is over 10% of my entire income for 2006. i sometimes have difficulty imagining how people survive on minimum wage, but i forget that i get by working less than half the year (only three months, last year). sure, i didn't turn my heat on last winter and i eat a lot of food that most people would throw away, but i survive.

femtron is starting her water aerobics class tonight, so i think i'm going to go home and pump it up. that is one intense workout, but i must admit that i always feel better after completing it. hopefully, femtron and i will also come up with a decent menu for the week and make it to the grocery store. no matter how much surjay says he loves it, i'm really tired of this fat ass i'm hauling around.

i want to go swimming. more specifically, i want to start diving again. i haven't been on a board since i lived at the crackhouse and even then--just a couple years out of high school--i'd completely lost the skill set i once had for the sport. diving, apparently, is not at all like riding a bicycle.

stewbot is competing to win a trip wo the winter music conference in miami next month. sign up for an account, check out his profile and rate his mixes (5 stars!) to help him along.

i started eating breakfast (most) every day. now, i am starving all the time.