February 9th, 2007


why couldn't my lunch date be today?

i'm cold and i'm bored and i'm hungry.
the copier is on the fritz, so i there's nothing for me to do right now.
i'd love to go to lunch, but there's no on in the office and i don't have a key.
also, someone is supposed to be calling about the copier, so i need to be here for that.
oh. it's still freezing here in the office too.
and, my friggin' hand still hurts.


in other news, i look very cute today, but no one is around to appreciate it.

i even got to break out my green kangaroostm, which i haven't worn in nearly a year.


i think the greatest thing that could happen right now would be if someone showed up with a pizza for us to share.

le sigh.


i hear lost was great this week, but the damn thing wouldn't download last night. i need to see this!