December 27th, 2006


damn you, old man winter AND two questions

yesterday, i was remarking about how i may have recently fucked up my back a little.

today i slipped on some ice at work.


then i had to pick like (seriously) five tons of shit at work and drag it all over that fucking warehouse.

now, i am positive i have fucked up my back quite a bit.

i wish chuwie lived here so we could both lie on the floor and drink beers together. that is all i want to do in this moment.


question one: since when is "so, how many kids do you have?" an appropriate conversation-starting topic with someone you've only exchanged names with (and who isn't wearing a wedding ring)?

question two: is there an age/weight limit to thongs?


i had a hot date tonight.

i canceled.

i'm an idiot.