November 26th, 2006


pot luck xmas strikes again!

cupkakes21 has brought to my attention that it's time again to start planning for the annual xmas pot luck dinner / trivial pursuit game for the ol' mchs crew. in putting together this year's email list (which is still out-of-date from last year) i've found, once again, that i don't have email addresses for the freshman.

so, for those of you that came last year and/or the year before please get in touch with cupkakes21 here so she can keep you up-to-date on this year's festivities.

we haven't settled on exact date yet (but it may be christmas eve weekend) nor have we determined a location (though it will very likely be in madison or dupont).

previous attendees: _alpha_female_, bunnygiant, cupkakes21, drjeffy, eknouf, juniper_praska, lisa_maas, quarantine, therussian, jo3, pat cantwell, wes abplanalp, katie strandmark, levi king, shannon stacier, david knouf, katy knouf and more i'm sure.

let's make this year's event even better!

Consumating's Question of the Week

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?

while the pumpkin pie is my favorite component of the meal, the part of dinner i enjoy most is the time between when the kids' table (where i sit) finishes and when the adults' table (where my grandfather sits) finishes. this year, the twelve of us youngsters spent a good fifteen minutes concocting schemes to get my grandfather (deep in thought and conversation at the other table) to think about or even say "pie" (or "pi" as it turns out), so that my grandmother would allow it to be served.

(From Consumating)