November 10th, 2006

blue sky goodbye

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ah! what beautiful weather. it put me in such a wonderful mood, today. i like sunshine! plus, i got to go and get lunch today--a first--so i got to cruise through noblesville with my windows rolled down and my tunes cranked up. i like finally getting to take a break from the scales! later, a totally not-skeezy dude asked for my number (in a super cute way). i like cute boys! more later, i found out that a message i wrote (we <3 u rambo!) on rambo's dirty-ass truck totally made his day. i like doing special things for special people and having no one know it was me that did them!

just before close, a driver asked if i ever did any modeling. normally, i would roll my eyes and presume this was a lead-in to yet another creepy pick-up attempt, but, when i said no, he simply said that i looked like i could and bid me goodnight. i like compliments for compliments' sakes!

i started wearing eye makeup to work this week. the electrician told my boss to tell me to "stop wearing that shit" on my face. she asked if it was because he thought i looked bad. he said no, it was just the opposite. i like that i can now wear makeup with out looking like a totally fucking prostitute!

yesterday, rambo told me i looked amazing. today he said, "before, i just though you were hot. now, you look absolutely gorgeous!" i like being flattered by people i love and respect!


today at work, there was more talk of my return to hawaii. nothing is yet decided, but i'm greasing the skids for what may come. i almost hate that everyone is so understanding of my predicament; it makes it so much harder to leave.


i may go to lunch or something with rambo, tomorrow, to show him how to use my old cell phone (that i gave to him).

then, i think darkwax and maddy are coming to indy. we are definitely going to a house party and we may go bowling too. as an added bonus, i will also get to see fleck and (hopefully) kristen at the party. also, we shall call holland and share the love.

i like friends!


i downloaded tetris for my phone.
i want to go to the children's museum.
i thought the borat movie wasn't good.
i wish sqeez had reviews like ipwib did.
i'm torn between cleaning my room and getting some exercise.
i like big earrings.
i want to pierce my lip again.
my hair is somewhat spikeable now and i'm glad.